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Direction electronic music, experimental music
The origins of avant-garde, electronic music, experimental music, specific music, fluxus, performance, kraut-rock, postpunk
Place and time of occurrence mid 1970s, Western Europe
The heyday of the 1980s - 1990s
postindustrial, percash-industrial, martial-industrial, noise
synthpop, kraut-rock
sintipunk, electro-industrial, aggro-tech, dark ambient, EBM, IDM, hardcore, power electronics, techno, Newbit
see also
Industrial tourism, Diggerism, Militarism, Dadaism, Rivehead
This term has other meanings, see Industrial (meanings).
Industrial (from the English. Industrial - "industrial"), otherwise industrial music and "industrial" music (industrial music) - a set of musical directions, characterized by a pronounced experimentation and the use of provocative themes. The term was originally introduced at the founding of the Industrial Records label by Throbbing Gristle musician Genesis P-Orridge and artist Monte Cazazzaoyruen; with the filing of the last on the TG's debut official album - The Second Annual Report - the slogan “Industrial music for industrial people” was introduced. Generally defined by a rough and testing sound, industrial, according to AllMusic observers, is an example of the “most abrasive and aggressive combination of rock and electronics”, based on a mixture of avant-garde electronic experiments and punk provocation ”[1].

The first performers of "industrial" music - the band Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and SPK, the musicians Boyd Rice and Z'EVruen - experimented with the use of noises and aesthetically provocative themes: fascism, serial murders and the occult. Their work was not limited to music, but also included performances in the formats of mail art, performance, installation and other artistic forms [2]. The Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd groups had a significant influence on the genre during its formation; musicians Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix; composer John Cage; writer William Burroughs and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.