Instrumental music 2019

From the history
For a long time, instrumental music served as a vocal accompaniment. The playing of soloists on individual instruments was known even before the beginning of our era, but the independent use of playing together on instruments began in Europe only in the 16th century. Castiglione, in his book Il libro del Cortegiano, mentions the first attempts in the field of string quartet from the 15th century [2].

The age of the most ancient musical instruments (flutes) found in the Hohle-Fels cave in southwest Germany is about 40 thousand years. Plutarch commemorates the flautist Ismenia [3], and 5 centuries before him Plato noted that the townspeople preferred instrumental music played on strings (lyres, kithara), and in rural areas on wind instruments (flute) [source not specified 668 days] .

In the XIV century, instrumental art continues to evolve. For example, the ambassador of the Teutonic Order (Konrad Kiburg) noted that in one of the churches in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania “pipes, oboes, tambourines, huge cauldrons made such powerful sounds that they seemed more military than church music, but in these sounds there were so many harmony and musicality, they subsided so gradually and gently, and finally disappeared in such a beautiful, courageous singing: “Gloria Patri et Filio“ et caet. that we were highly impressed ”