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Rock music (eng. Rock music) is a generalized name for a number of popular music trends. The word rock (in translation from English “swing”, “rock”, “swing”) in this case indicates characteristic rhythmic sensations associated with a certain form of movement, similar to roll, twist, swing, shake ... Such signs rock music, like the use of electromusical instruments, creative self-sufficiency (for rock musicians, performance of compositions of their own composition is typical), are secondary and often misleading. For this reason, the belonging of some styles of music to rock is disputed.

Such subcultures as fashion, hippies, punks, metallers, goths, emo, indirocors, ska are inextricably linked with certain genres of rock music.

Rock music has a large number of directions: from quite “light” genres, such as dance rock and roll, from which it once happened (in a sense, we can assume that rock is the direction of rock and roll) , pop-rock, brit-pop, to brutal and aggressive genres - death metal and grindcore. The content of the songs varies from light and easy to dark, deep and philosophical. Often, rock music is opposed to pop music and so-called. "Pops". Somewhat more definitely we can say about the so-called “musical expression”, which, due to the increased, in comparison with other genres of music, the dynamics (loudness) of performance (according to different sources from 110 to 155 dB) is special for many rock styles ( directions), since even the sound of a large symphony orchestra is within 85 dB and rarely reaches 115 dB. (“Competition” in terms of loudness can be made only by directions of music using electro-acoustic sound). [1] [2] [3] [4]

The origins of rock music lie in the blues, from which came the first rock genres - rock and roll and rockabilly. The first subgenres of rock music arose in close connection with the folk and pop music of the time - first of all it was folk, country, skiffle, music hall. During the existence of rock music, they tried to connect it with almost all possible genres of music - with academic music (art rock, appeared in the late 60s, and later symphonic metal), jazz (jazz rock, appeared in the late 60s). x - early 70s), Latin music (Latin rock, appeared in the late 60s), Indian music (raga-rock, appeared in the mid 60s). In the 60's and 70's, almost all the major subgenres of rock music appeared, the more important of which, besides those listed, were hard rock, punk rock, and avant-garde rock. In the late 70s - early 80s, such genres of rock music as post-punk, new wave, alternative rock appeared (but early representatives of this direction appeared in the late 60s), hardcore (a major sub-genre of punk rock), and later and extreme metal subgenres - death metal, black metal. In the 90s, the genres of grunge (appeared in the mid-80s), Britpop (appeared in the mid-60s), alternative metal (appeared in the late 80s) were widely developed.